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Who is Eurotrend?

Eurotrend Furniture was founded in 2003, importing European furniture into North America.  With the design aesthetics of the European furniture world and extensive customization options for the interior design community, Eurotrend brings luxury and design to our collection of home furnishings.

Eurotrend works with internationally renowned manufacturers from Europe including Porada and Papadatos, as well as emerging and recognized European designers such as Stefano Bigi, Umberto Asnago, Tarcisio Colzani and David Dolcini which allows Eurotrend to offer a vast selection of options that will create an elegant, sleek and functional home experience with contemporary styling

Eurotrend provides interior designers, architects, and recognized dealers across the country with the ability to customize all these products; which meet the necessary quality requirements for residential applications.  With our commitment to high design, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service, Eurotrend is a source for any residential project.