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1.1 Prices:

All prices are NET prices, FOB New Jersey warehouse. Orders are subject to the prices stated on the Order Confirmations. Prices do not include shipping, storage, repacking, installation, sales or other taxes.

1.2 Ordering Procedure:

Purchase orders must be in writing and sent to:

EuroTrend Furniture, LLC.
275 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002

Billing and shipping information must be included with the purchase order and acceptance of an order is evidenced by the issuance of a Eurotrend Furniture Order Confirmation, which is subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and is superseded by any prior verbal or written statements regarding the order.

The verification and checking of the Order Confirmation is the responsibility of the purchaser. In the event of any discrepancies Eurotrend Furniture must be notified in writing within 4 working days of the date of the Order Confirmation.

The buyer acknowledges that it does not rely on, and waives any claim for breach of, any oral representations or recommendations, which are not confirmed in writing by Eurotrend Furniture.

Any typographical, clerical or other errors or omissions in any documents or information issued by Eurotrend Furniture shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Eurotrend Furniture.

All quoted delivery dates are best estimates and are subject to delay or failure of delivery due to labor disputes, war, non-compliance with government regulations, failure or delay of source of supply, transportation difficulties, acts of God, or any other causes beyond our control.

Delivery dates are approximate and not binding to the supplier. The estimated delivery dates do not include delivery to the final destination.

1.3 Terms of Payments:

Eurotrend Furniture’s requirement upon placement of an order is 50% deposit with the balance due prior to delivery. Custom orders require 50% deposit without exception. Terms of payment can be changed at Eurotrend Furniture’s discretion and late payments will accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% per month.

Any collection costs and/or attorney fees incurred as a result of insolvency will be charged to the buyer.

1.4 Cancellations:

No order, which has been accepted by Eurotrend Furniture, may be cancelled by the buyer except with the agreement in writing of Eurotrend Furniture and on terms that the buyer shall indemnify Eurotrend Furniture in full against all losses and costs incurred as a result of cancellation.

1.5 Packing and Shipping:

The merchandise is supplied in standard carton boxes free of charge. For special packing, when requested, the relative cost will be charged.

All shipping is to be freight prepaid or collect, due upon receipt of invoice. Any dates quoted for delivery of the merchandise are approximate only. Time of delivery shall not be of the essence and Eurotrend Furniture shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of the merchandise.

Title and all risks of loss or damage on all shipments are passed to the customer upon delivery of merchandise to a carrier from EuroTrend Furniture’s warehouse.

1.6 Storage and Returns:

Any order not paid within 14 days from quoted ship date will be transferred at the buyer’s risk to a storage facility, and the costs of transfer and storage will be charged to the buyer.

No returns will be accepted by Eurotrend Furniture except with the agreement in writing by Eurotrend Furniture. All returned merchandise will have to be shipped freight prepaid.

1.7 Freight Claims:

Merchandise that is damaged in transit is not Eurotrend Furniture’s responsibility. Eurotrend Furniture’s merchandise is carefully inspected at the time of arrival at the receiving warehouse in New Jersey and securely packed prior to release.

All merchandise must be examined by the buyer prior to acceptance of delivery from the carrier and if there are any damages to the packing material, they should be duly noted on the bill of lading. All claims, losses or concealed damages must be filed directly with the carrier within 5 working days from the time of the delivery and all the packing material must be retained until inspection is made.

1.8 Warranty:

Eurotrend Furniture’s warranty covers any structural or manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date of delivery, with the exception of custom products, COM or COL, which are not covered. Any freight damage or damage caused by accident, misuse or abuse and normal wear and tear, is not covered by the warranty.

Eurotrend Furniture’s sole obligation shall be to repair or replace any product that Eurotrend Furniture deems defective during the warranty period. The repair or replacement constitutes the full liability of Eurotrend Furniture and is the sole remedy of the Buyer. Eurotrend Furniture assumes no liability for commercial loss or any consequential damages that may arise as a result of any product defect, fault, or delay. It is understood that these limitations of remedy and liability are part of the terms and conditions of the purchase of Eurotrend Furniture products, and by placing an order, the Buyer accepts these terms, conditions, and limitations.

Furthermore, correct product specification for a particular application is the responsibility of the Buyer or Specifier.

1.9 Fire Codes and COM:

All products can be manufactured to meet California Technical Bulleting #117 and in compliance with TB133. Please contact customer service for detailed information on upcharges and lead times.

The price list gives approximate yardage requirements for COM fabric and it is based on a solid color fabric 54″ wide free from defects. Please contact your local representative for confirmation of requirement giving details of pattern repeats, direction and width.

The following chart is a guide to determining the amount of yardage required for your COM fabric.

FabricPlain2″ – 14″15″ – 19″20″ – 27″28″ – 36″
51″ – 53″15%20%25%30%35%
48″ – 50″20%25%30%35%40%
45″ – 47″40%50%55%60%65%
36″ – 44″50%60%65%70%75%

Each COM fabric order must be clearly marked with the customer name, purchase order number and item of which the COM is being applied.

Any special instructions including pattern direction on a product must be in writing and attached to the purchase order. In addition, two cuttings of COM fabrics must be attached to the purchase order to avoid any possible errors in shipping or upholstering.

In the absence of written instruction, cutting and upholstering will be carried out at the factory’s discretion.

Cost of shipping COM fabric to the factory is at the customer’s own expense. COM fabric should be shipped freight and duty prepaid. Please contact customer service for detailed information on the ship-to address

1.10. Finishes:

Available finishes for each product are detailed in the price list. Each group of products in the price list has its own wood and metal finishes. The finishes as illustrated are indicative of the actual color and texture and will vary from the actual production.

Eurotrend Furniture is not responsible for variations in finish colors due to the natural variations in materials and dye lots.

1.11 Disclaimer:

Eurotrend Furniture reserves the right to make changes in price, product, design, construction and or materials used at its exclusive discretion and without prior notice.

All descriptions, illustrations, dimensions, weights or colors in respect to the goods specified in any Eurotrend Furniture sales literature, brochure or leaflets are general guides or descriptions only and Eurotrend Furniture does not contract or represent that the goods will comply with any particular detail contained in such sales literature, brochure, leaflet or price list.

Any typographical, clerical or other error or omission in any document or information issued by Eurotrend Furniture shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of Eurotrend Furniture and the manufacturer.

1.12 Care and Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is necessary to ensure long term durability and customer satisfaction. All products should be inspected, cleaned and have their screws and bolts tightened each month. If any items show any sign of structural failure it should be taken out of service immediately.

1.13 Caning or Wicker

Any cane or wicker used on our products is first quality material. Being a natural material, it is subject to variations under different climatic conditions and may occasionally have “cane hairs” visible on the back.